Friday, 21 September 2018

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Nirmal NR86 Kerala Lottery Result 14.9.2018 Live

Nirmal NR86 Kerala Lottery Result 14.9.2018 Live Today: Chronological lottery for the Nirmal NR86 ticket has been announced from Trivandrum. The 60 lakh winning NR86 tickets official streaming event has been announced as per scheduled. There were a huge number of people participated in this 60 lakhs Kerala lottery. Perhaps, the official results can be either checked using the stipulation found behind the Nirmal lottery ticket of Friday draw.

Check here in detail. :)

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Nirmal NR85 Kerala Lottery Result

Nirmal NR85 Kerala Lottery Result: The 85th chronological event has been updated from East for the center with all stipulations followed by the same. If you are one among the lottery holder of 85th Nirmal Bagyakuri event, you can follow the instructions on the back side of lottery tickets of Nirmal NR85 you were holding.

However, there were lakhs of aspirants collected the Nirmal NR 85 tickets from various part of Kerala participated in checking the luck of 60 lakhs lottery of Friday's draw. You can follow the link below for checking the online results obtained from Sree Chitra Home auditorium.
Check your results.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Nirmal NR82 Kerala Lottery Result 24.8.2018 Live Today

Nirmal NR82 Kerala Lottery Result 24.8.2018 Live Today -: Nirmal NR82 chronological event updated successfully. Wow. the great moment of entire Keralites happening in this week sounds a great relief from those who win effected with Kerala flood. The official results of NR82 have been announced from Sree Chitra auditorium as per procedure followed in concern with the Kerala lottery draw for 24th August 2018.

There were lakhs of lottery ticket especially from the northern part of Kerala for the NR82 tickets. Feel free to check your official results for the latest Nirmal lottery ticket here below.

Check your results: Nirmal Lottery NR82.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Nirmal NR81 Kerala Lottery Result 10.8.2018 Live Today

Nirmal NR81 Kerala Lottery: Nirmal NR81 lottery update has been made live from the East fort center. As the lottery update from Sree Chitra in concern with the Nirmal lottery tickets NR81st series is made accessible to public here today. You can access the results live here on our portal Live streaming today 10th August 2018 below.

As the official results can be checked here: -> Nirmal Lottery Result 10.8.2018

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Nirmal NR80 Kerala Lottery Result 3.8.2018

Nirmal NR80 Kerala Lottery Result 3.8.2018: Nirmal NR80, yet another amazing draw of 60 lakh of Friday today's updated very successfully. The 80th chronological update now in consideration for today's special draw. Have you ready to open your excitement? Yes, the moment has come.

The official results are available for the Nirmal lottery for the 80th chronological draw. The 3rd August updated for the next big Friday draw under Nirmal Bagyakuri. Feel free to share and check your results draw from Sree Chitra auditorium as per scheduled by Kerala state lottery department of India.

Check your results: Nirmal NR80

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Nirmal NR79 Kerala Lottery Result 27.7.2018

Nirmal NR79 Kerala Lottery Result 27.7.2018: Nirmal NR79 update Live from east fort center hereby declared today. The official notice of releasing the results unveiled as per scheduled at 3.30 PM today and the results are now made official. If you are one among the aspirant of Nirmal lottery ticket for the NR79 series, feel free to get attention in concern with the same.

As there were lakhs of lottery tickets sold out along with the Onam bumper BR63 updated for next month draw. Feel like, the Kerala lottery sale is getting hiking day by day. As the moderation granted by the Kerala state in concern with the lottery draw made this kind of dominance. Now feel free to check today's Nirmal lottery results online.

Check your results: Nirmal NR79 Results.